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You may already know about some of the many benefits of Aloe Vera when applied to your skin. But did you know that Aloe Vera Gel can clense the body, reduce fatigue, increase overall energy and improve your health when taken internally? The results are no short of a miracle. However, you cannot find this product it a health store.

MilenaMy Story, or How I got into Aloe Vera - God's Plan

In the fall of 1994 my husband and I, a retired chemical engineer, immigrated to Canada. We arrived to a new environment, different culture, unfamiliar customs, foreign language, and all that in our retirement. More...

Why Aloe Vera?

Taking responsibility for your own health is becoming increasingly imperative. From the chemicals in the food that we eat, to various food supplements and pharmaceuticals, our bodies as natural biological systems become confused and thrown out of balance. If we are to survive, we must inevitably return to Nature. More...


The purpose of this website is to introduce the healing properties of Aloe Vera to the people around the world.

This Website was designed to help you discover the miracle of Aloe Vera. You can find out more about how Aloe Vera works and how a human body can benefit from it. You will learn about which medical conditions can be treated by applying Aloe Vera products, both externally and internally. You will also learn about Forever Living Products (FLP) and its assortment of products derived from pure and true Aloe Vera, as well as, Beehive.

I believe in Aloe because I have personally experienced its healing and beneficial power. It saved my life and changed it completely. The more I find out about modern medications, the more I believe in Aloe.

Once you know more about Aloe Vera, you can also use this website to order the FLP Aloe Vera products on-line, or even become an FLP distributor yourself and help others experience the benefits of this amazing and miraculous plant.

Aloe Vera - Forever Living Products

Real Aloe Vera and how to find it: For the last 27 years, Forever Living Products (FLP) has been providing supreme quality Aloe Vera products. More...

Become an FLP Distributor

For a limited time, GET YOUR FREE CD! Contact me with your name, address and telephone number and ask for a FREE CD.

Use this opportunity:

  • To purchase Aloe Vera products for your own consumption at wholesale prices.

  • To join the FLP product distribution team.

Becoming a distributor is free! More...

Order FLP Products On-Line

You can order FLP Aloe Vera products directly from the FLP Website. More...

Information about Aloe Vera

Here you can find many valuable and interesting facts about Aloe Vera, its medicinal properties and healing powers. More...

Selected FLP Aloe Vera Products

Learn more about some selected Aloe Vera products that you can get from FLP. More...

Information on Beehive Products

Here you can find information on Beehive Products, their medicinal effects and about FLP family of Beehive Products. More...

Information on Other FLP Products


Notice: Aloemiracle.ca Website is solely intended to be used for informational resource and should never be used to replace contact with your licensed healthcare provider or official medical treatment.

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